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Want training in self defense? Just looking to build your self confidence? It’s all at Xtreme.



At Eric Nolan’s XTREME TRAINING CENTER we have a long history of producing National and WORLD CHAMPIONS! (See our Hall of Fame page)

This sort of experience puts Eric Nolan’s XTREME TRAINING CENTER worlds beyond the current crop of newcomers popping up to try to cash in on the fad. Muay Thai classes at the Eric Nolan’s XTREME TRAINING CENTER are more than just fitness classes, they are martial arts classes with benefits to mind, body, and spirit.

In Muay Thai classes you will learn to punch like a boxer and to kick, elbow and knee like a Muay Thai fighter. You will learn offense, defense, strategy and movement.   You will condition and strengthen your body while training your mind to function quickly and effectively under stress.   All while having a great time in the company of outstanding fellow students and concerned patient instructors.
Whether you’re looking to compete in the Ring/Cage or just for a highly effective Self Defense Art, our Muay Thai class might be just what you’re looking for.

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