Kids' Programs!


We train students of all ages.

Even our youngest athletes learn discipline and respect in MMA.


Your Child Deserves the Very Best!

At Eric Nolan’s Xtreme Training Center, we recognize that children are our greatest natural resource. We know that the attributes that they develop while young will stick with them all of their lives and will have a profound effect on their ability to be happy and productive.

To that end, it is our goal to instill all of our children with a strong sense of SELF ESTEEM. A child who feels good about themselves can easily grow into a happy adult who can accomplish ANYTHING!

In our children’s classes your child will receive world class training in the art of Kickboxing while we stress the attributes of discipline, courtesy and respect. With all of the negative peer pressure that society throws at our kids, it’s important to have a place where good manners, respect for parents, peers and self is proper and accepted.

These classes are open to all children: age 4-6 Little Dragons and 7 to 13 Senior Kids.   Older children are welcome in our adult classes
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